Billy Disney is a director based out of New York City. Previously, Billy served as Lead Director at The Verge, where he helped develop video initatives for reviews, features, events, reports, and serial content. Before joining The Verge, Billy ate dog food at Viddler, told record labels what the internet was at DL Media, and held the former world record for the most sexual innuendoes in a potato-themed rap song. In 5th grade, Billy starred as the villainous hacker in Beaver Creek Elementary’s musical production of CyberKids Computer Club. Seven years later, he was suspended for “hacking” after a fellow student was caught looking at pornography using a web proxy hosted on Billy’s personal website.


Billy acts dumb on Twitter, snaps pictures of his cat and his fiancé on Instagram, infrequently updates his Tumblr, and reminds his grandmother that he’s still alive on Facebook.

If you would like to get ahold of Billy, please send him .

photo by Jordan Oplinger